You Will Stop Eating “Kelewele” After Reading This

Every riped plantain is very soft and sweet by nature unlike the unriped ones.

Majority of Ghanaians are lovers of the ripe Plantains because of its sweet taste.

Unfortunately, most consumers are ignorant of the dangerous effects it has on their health.

This is exactly what will be educating you on through this article.

What are ripe Plantains ?

We get ripe plantain from an unripe plantain.

Unripe plantains may turn into ripe plantains when they are cultivated and left for day.

They are mostly used in preparing “kelewele” , “kaklo or kakro” , we can also fry them , bake and roast them.

They are mostly eaten alongside rice and beans or Groundnuts.

Aside the numerous health benefits of ripe Plantains, these group of people should either avoid eating too much of them or they should avoid eating them.


As unripe Plantains maybe very good and healthy for diabetics Unripe plantain may not work like that. Diabetes as we know is a defect from sugar eating too much ripe plantains may account for an increase in blood sugar thus it is not safe for you to eat ripe plantains as a diabetes.


As plantains get more and more ripen eating them can lead to diarrhea since they develop a certain compound as they gets too ripen which may not be safe for our stomach.

Do well to avoid eating too much ripe plantains.


Consuming too much ripe plantains can also contribute to gaining weight especially when you mostly eat the “kelewele” and “kaklo” , so try as much as you can to avoid eating too much of these food if you are growing too fat.

Thank you very much for reading.

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