You Will Stop Buying Medicine After Knowing This Big Secret

Litany of individuals consume onion daily as part of their diet but are not privy to the health and medicinal benefits.

For your information a lot of health issues can be remedied by just consuming or applying an onion.

Provided below are some of them and how it is done.

1 Influenza:

Mix garlic stalks and three onions then blend to obtain a juice.

Add some water and three spoons of olive oil and give 1 tablespoon as needed.

2. Gout

This is a painful joint infection which happens as a result of an accumulation of uric acid in the blood and deposition of urates in the joints.

Take a cup of onion juice daily and you will be relieved of the pain.

3. Cancer prevention

Onions have many elements which include sulfur that may prevent the transformation of cells into cancerous size.

Half a cup of onions an afternoon whether cooked or uncooked can help prevent the growth of cancerous cells

4. Bleeding nose or gum

Take an onion juice and blend it with apple cider vinegar.

This is used to stop a nose bleed by placing a drop of it in the nose using a dropper.

You can also gaggle the solution in your mouth for minutes daily to heal bleeding gums.

Thank you very much.

Source; Opera News

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