You Will Stop Bathing With Soap After Reading This



In fact the truth should be told and not twisted.

Please get this straight. Using soap is very dangerous for your skin and your overall health when used long-term.

Historically, this fact and truth has remained relatively uncirculated.

For many years, studies on soap and the skin have crowded the dermatologic and medicinal communities at large.


We are now privy to the truth that it is not the best way to cleanse your body; it is also hazardous for your health.

Below are the reasons;

1. Soap Kills Bacteria

Bacteria is bad, isn’t it?

Wrong! Okay, kind of wrong. There is good bacteria and bad bacteria.

The good eliminates the bad and is relevant in protecting you from invading microbes.
There are a few various types of dangerous microbes, which you can learn about here, but the important point is that good bacteria helps fight off and filter out “bad” bacteria, including microbes that can cause infectious diseases.

Please understand that soap actually kills the good bacteria because it’s pH is either far too acidic or dangerously neutral.

This exposes you to potentially harmful microbes and pathogens.

2. Using Soap Strips Skin of Lipids

Lipids or fats in your skin function in three primary ways:

A. They keep your skin soft. Your skin needs the moisture that lipids offers to keep it hydrated and protect your deeper skin layers from sun damage.

B. They help protect it from infectious disease. They are also naturally anti-microbial.

Lipids work alongside peptide called cathelicidin to help regulate your immune system.

When you apply soap on your body, it destroys lipids and disrupts the lipid-peptide symbiosis that allows your immune system to adequately protect your skin.

C. They are a core building block in your skin barrier.

Lipids crucially fill in the gaps between your epidermal cells, making them an indispensable part of your skin’s formulation.

Because soap is very acidic, it strips away vital lipids in the stratum corneum, effectively pummeling your natural defense against pathogens by breaking down the very essence of your cellular structure.

3. Soap By Nature Contains Other Toxins & Chemicals

A classic soap bar is usually made of a combination of lye and some type of fat and/or oil.

But often, additional ingredients are included, many of which are considered to be dangerous chemicals.

Thank you very much for reading.

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