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Cucumis sativus commonly known as cucumber is endowed with vitamin C, sodium, Vitamin K, and dietary fiber.

It comes in three varieties; slicing, pickling and seedless cucumbers. Majority of people mistake cucumber for a vegetable but actually is a fruit.

This is due to the fact that a botanical fruit grows from the flower of a plant.

Cucumber has a lot of health benefits. Among them are,

1.It lowers blood sugar


2.The presence of antioxidants which slows down aging

3.Aids in weight loss

4.It promotes and maintains hydration due to its high water content

5.It is highly nutritious

With its numerous health benefits, too much intake of it, can however lead to cell damage and numerous kinds of diseases.

Research shows that lignans present in cucumber may help reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and several kinds of cancers.

Nutrients silicon and sulphur which are present in large quantities in cucumber are said to promote hair growth and put an end to hair fall.

Cucumbers, which contain about 96% of water are said to promote flat stomach, which does not cause bloating.

Cucumber, surprisingly can be used in many ways during food preparation.

1.Can be added to smoothies, or can be used for fruit juices.

2.It can be pickled in vinegar or salt

3.It can be fermented.

4.Can be used in salads

5.can be added to stir fry

6.Can be used to decorate foods

7.Added to soups and stews.

Listed below are some cucumber recipes you will like to try at home.

1.Cucumber smoothies

2.Cucumber coleslaw

3.Cucumber drink.

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