You Need To Tell Them The Truth As A Leader- Duncan Williams Boldly Speaks

Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams, founder and leader for Action Chapel international has attracted great attention following a statement he made in one of his sermons.

The renowned Archbishop who is affectionately reffered to as “Papa” is hailed as a man of truth and one who preaches what is right.

Of late, many of the bad things that occur within our society are issues related to the bad performance of our leaders.

As a matter of truth, our leaders sometimes fail to remind themselves of the fact that the progress of their people much depends on them and will therefore be accountable for whatever they do.

Papa Duncan Williams whiles speaking on the popular Dominion television made a disclosure that one of the most cardinal relationships is the relationship between a shepherd and his flocks.

Papa Duncan further disclosed that every shepherd must have an effective relationship and communication with his sheep before they can achieve what they want to achieve.

He disclosed in his sermon that truth-speaking and sincerity are one of the cardinal ways to obtain the aforementioned.

Using President Akufo-Addo as an example, he explained that Nana Addo would not have obtained the love and support he gained from Ghanaians during the lockdown period if he had not been sincere to them.

Archbishop continued that the weekly updates on the corona virus pandemic and weekly interaction with Ghanaians was the only means through which he could achieve that.

“If you want to achieve this, then you need to tell them the truth as a leader.” he stated.

Source; Opera News

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