You Have Won So Start Rejoicing – Pastor Mensah Otabil Boldly Announces

There are so many events that are currently going on in the country and these are the things that men of God should have the courage to talk about and some of them seem to be doing just that.

On many occasions, most men of God see the need to be quiet about certain issues because of fear that they might be trolled or criticized by the public for little or no reason at all.

Because many people have different opinions on certain things, there is mostly a controversy over statements made by men of God.

Pastor Mensah Otabil is well noted for his genuity and humility and this has been a trade mark that people always look up to.

His church is always flooded on the regular because of some words of wisdom and encouragement from him.

In his usual sermon,, pastor Mensah Otabil revealed that there are many things that the ordinary eye refuses to see and recognize.

He disclosed that day in day out, there are things that revolves around us both spiritually and physically and it will take only the grace of God to witness.

He continued to indicate that there have been countless times that he has personally been in severe pains resulting from disappointment etc.

However, it takes determination and the Holy Spirit to comfort a heart that has witnessed this level of pain.

Giving a sermon on disappointment and pain, he brought to light that if you feel depressed and down because of any form of disappointment and believe that God is alive, then you have won so start rejoicing.

It is true that sometimes we face challenges that makes us lose hope and focus.

However, acknowledging that God is still alive and exists is the first and ultimate step to exercising victory over what you currently find yourself in.

Source; Opera News

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