You foolishly say things without checking – Pius Hadzide replies Sam George’s ‘PHD in corruption’ tag



If Ghanaians needed a reminder that the country is making no headway in its quest for ‘politics without insults’ then this clash between MP for Ningo Prampram, Sam George and Deputy Information Minister Pius Enam Hadzide is the perfect example.

The only thing that stood between their conducts in the studio of GHOne and a full-blown chaos is the trading of blows.

The two politicians who were presumably invited to debate issues ended up debating which one of them has more derogatory words in his repertoire.

Sam George first attacked the integrity of Pius Hadzide which infuriated him.

“I don’t understand corruption because I’m not corrupt but you have a PHD in corruption”, the MP told the Minister.


Hadzide responded by accusing Sam George of suffering the bandwagon effect.

Hadzide said that Sam George only relies on hearsay and does not do background checks before making pronouncements on issues.

“You are told something, you won’t go and get the figures. You sheepishly and foolishly follow. If you don’t understand something, you don’t use it”, Pius said.

The subject for the debate which degenerated into personal attacks was Vice President’s Bawumia’s assertions that the Akufo-Addo-led government has outperformed the Mahama administration when it comes to infrastructure.

In a town hall meeting held in Accra on Tuesday, August 18, Bawumia listed all the infrastructure projects undertaken by the government.

“Our focus…And our approach to infrastructural development in Ghana has been two-fold. First, to provide the infrastructure needs of the poor and deprived communities at the micro-level like water, toilets, clinics, electricity, markets and so on. Many governments have ignored this historically. Second, our approach is to provide it for the broader infrastructural needs of the economy at the macro level to drive economic growth,” Dr. Bawumia noted.

Source; ghanaweb

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