You Are A Hypocrite And God Will Judge You- Prophet Oduro To Nana Addo

Prophet Kofi Oduro, Founder and Leader for Alabaster Ministry has labelled President Akufo-Addo as a big hypocrite.

According to the Man or God, the president needs to be heavily blamed for the recent spikes in Coronavirus cases especially because he allowed political campaigns to go on in the wake of the pandemic.

Prophet Kofi Oduro is of the firm believe that the campaigns held by the various political parties during the 2020 electioneering period coupled with the failure on the side of political leaders to enforce strict adherence to the COVID protocols is what has sparked the increased rate of infection.

Preaching at his church Alabaster Ministries International, Prophet Kofi Oduro did not mince words when he charged Ghanaians to hold President Akufo-Addo responsible for the increase in COVID cases.

He said Ghanaian should blame all leaders who due to their political gains left Ghanaians to infect one another recklessly.

“Our president should be blamed for the spikes in the Coronavirus cases. He allowed people to go for campaigns without wearing masks and he is today complaining about the increase in COVID cases.

That is hypocrisy and God will judge him,” he vehemently fingered.

Source; Opera News

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