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Wonders: see how to charge your phone using an onion



There is nothing more problematic than forgetting to carry your charging adapter while travelling.

In case you forgot to carry your charging adapter but you have the cable with you, this basic and simple hack can be of help to you.

I’m going to take you through simple steps that you apply to charge your phone without necessary requiring any power outlet.

All you need to do is rush to the nearest grocery and grab a bulb onion, before picking an energy drink at the nearest outlet.

Before I lay out the procedure, make sure that you have the following;


1. Onion

2. Screwdriver or Nail

3. A small bowl

4. Energy drink (brand doesn’t matter)

5. USB charging cable

Having verified you got the above mentioned items, then you can start with the following procedure;

Pour the energy drink in a bowl. Using the screwdriver or a Nail, drill two holes on the bulb onion (one on the side, the other on top).

Place the onion inside the energy drink and immerse it into the bowl, making sure the drink is sucked via the holes pierced.

Leave it for a moment untill all the drink is absorbed by the onion.

Remove the onion after sucking all the energy drink (about 30 minutes).

Using your USB cable drill into the side of the onion, using this side which mounts on the adapter, and put the other side into the phone’s charging port.

You should see your phone charging! The phone will charge for about 10-15 minutes.

Source; opera news

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