Women Beware Of Ovarian Cancer!! Here Are The Signs



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Please be informed that the ovary is an organ in the reproductive system of every woman.

Its key function is to produce eggs or ovaries that eventually get fertilized for the whole reproduction process to be complete but like every other organ, certain abnormal cells can still grow in the ovary.

Ovarian cancer is very stubborn to handle and also has no definite cause, thus making it one of the most difficult diseases to treat.


Women or ladies who suffer from ovarian cancer notice certain signs.

Please take note that the earlier you discover these terrible signs and report to a hospital, the higher your chances of survival or even handling the issue.

Provided below are some of the signs;

1. Pelvic or Abdominal Pain;

Majority of the disorders in the reproductive system of a woman starts with severe pain in the abdomen.

As a young lady, once you start feeling unnecessary abdominal pain that appear to be long lasting, do well to visit a hospital.

Do not make assumptions, get checked by a professional before concluding.

2. Urgent Need to Urinate; this is yet another sign of ovarian cancer and must be treated with maximum urgency. If you start urinating more than usual even without taking much water, then there is a possibility that you’re suffering from ovarian cancer and the earlier you get checked, the better for you.

3. Bloating;

stomach bloating is another sign of ovarian cancer in women. It is normal for a woman’s stomach to get bigger but when it starts growing bigger on a more regular basis even for no reason, you must do well to get checked. Reason being that ovarian cancer and some other problems that have to do with a woman’s reproductive system causes bloating.

4. Back Pain; In fact this is another sign of ovarian cancer though it is totally ambiguous and unrealistic to say back pain generally is a sign of ovarian cancer, but it’s one of the signs. If you start having unnecessary and persistent back pain, do well to visit the hospital for check up and treatment.

5. Pain During Copulation; this is yet another sign or rather symptom of ovarian cancer.

Persistent pain during intercourse is not a sign to smile about especially if you have at one point or the other experienced the already mentioned signs.

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