Woman files for divorce after she discovered what her husband does for a living

A woman officially called Tracy Amponsah has reportedly filed for a divorce after discovering that the man she got married to just a year ago is a cleaner in a company.

The couple had their marriage a year ago and information gathered in the society suggests that the man carried himself around as a rich man who is a manager of the company where he works.

This convinced Mrs. Tracy Amponsah who is 27 to get married to him. Few months after the marriage, the Economic situation of the newly married couples turned bad.

All the promises Mr. Amponsah made including the fact that they will be moving to their own house that he is on the verge of completing some weeks after the marriage were not fulfilled.

This arouse suspicions. So the wife decided to secretly go to her husband’s working place to find out why her husband is so incapable financially despite his position as manager of the company.

To her shock, she went there only to find out that Mr.Amponsah is a cleaner not a manager.

Mrs. Tracy has now filed for anullment of the year old marriage on account that her crafty husband has been lying to her all this while.

Some are of the view that the lady should stick with her husband because she wouldn’t leave the marriage if the husband wasn’t a cleaner. Therefore leaving the marriage will only make her look like a gold digger.

What are your suggestions? Is Tracy leaving because of the lies or due to the occupation? Is her leaving justified? Share your thoughts below.

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