Witches Are Afraid Of This Leaf…This Is How It Works

Fot your information Cassava is a calorie-rich carbohydrate that contains Vitamin C, riboflavin, niacian and many other important vitamins and minerals.

Both the leaves and root are so edible and the of people of Africa especially the Western part like Ghana, Togo and Nigeria uses it as one of their main dishes.

In this article, I will tutor my readers not on the physical aspect of using cassava leaves and stick but the spiritual and emotional part.

Provided below are three(3) spiritual importance of cassava leaves and stick which your pastor or (maybe) even your spiritual father may not be aware of:

1. Ward Away Evil Spirits and Bad Omens:

One of the important benefits of the cassava plant is its ability to chase away unwanted and evil spirits including ghosts and witches and bad omens as well.

For one to ward away evil spirit’s using the cassava, just get a fully grown cassava plant and rip off all its leaves.

Then find a cool and queit corner in your room and place the stick.

In fact this method also applies to stop bad things from happening.

2. Make A Person Stop Stealing:

Another good use of cassava spiritually is to stop and a person (especially children) from taking something which does not belong to him or her (stealing).

To do this, get five leaves of cassava and place them the bed or pillow of the culprit.

Take one out every morning after the culprit has woken up and throw it away.

Do this until the leaves are finished and that person will put an abrupt stop to stealing.

3. Attract Good Luck and Fortune:

The last but not least of the use of cassava is how to attract money and good fortune to your side each and every day.

To attract good luck or fortune, first get seven leaves of cassava leaves, take one each day with your wish which you want to see come and put it in your pocket.

Before you go to bed, throw that leave out and the same for the others till all is done and you’ll start seeing miracles sooner than you may expect.

Thank you so much.

Source; Opera News

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