“Winning 2024 Will Be Difficult For NPP But…”- Musah Superior Gives Reasons

Musah Superior Writes…

Winning 2024 will not be easy. It will be difficult. Anyone who thinks we can win hands down should rethink.

We need the kind of mobilization we undertook in 1992 to be able to win 2024.The NPP was established in July 1992.

The maiden elections of the Fourth Republic was held in December 1992. Without proper and working structures on the ground, it took us only SIX MONTHS to “win” but NDC “stole” our victory.

We “won” because the leadership of our Party then had the capability to mobilise the people to support and vote for us. In the campaign leading to 2024, we need the Agyenim Boateng/Dan Botwe types to lead the onslaught. We can only win with a stronger, motivated, optimistic and energised party and the current leadership of our Party have shown in the last four years that they are not the ones to lead this massive mobilization effort.

I stand ready to provide leadership, direction, motivation, hope and energy as GS to win our disgruntled members/supporters back and most importantly win elections 2024.

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