Why Your Urine Splits Into Two Anytime You Urinate

Split stream urination is the technical term used to describe the condition of an individual’s urine dividing or splitting into two or more streams.

For every healthy individual, the passage of urine is supposed to be uniform.

Hence, the splitting of urine is obviously an abnormality.

Many people experience split stream urination.

The condition is not limited to males only as it equally affects females. However, a greater percentage of people suffering from split stream urination happen to be males.

Split stream has been in existence for years hence, though a medical condition that needs treatment, you are not the first person to suffer from it. It happens to some victims daily, whereas others experience it occasionally.

Causes of Split Stream Urination

There are numerous causes of split stream urination.

Some causes are normal conditions that need no attention while others demand serious medical attention. Beneath are some causes of split stream urination you need to know.


Split stream urination occurs in most people some few minutes or hours after ejaculation. Semen, the fluid in which sperms move about is released during ejaculation in men. Due to its thickness and sticky nature, some of the semen gets stuck in the urethra, drying in the process. The dried semen blocks the path of urine thereby altering its passage and causing it to split into two during urination or peeing. This condition does not happen anytime ejaculation occurs. Urinating or peeing right after ejaculation will help clean semen stuck in the urethra in order to avoid split stream urination.

2. Low urination pressure

Low urination pressure has also been established as a major cause of split stream urination. The stream of urine can easily split when the pressure of the passing urine is low. Without fast speeding pressure, semen or any minor obstacle stacked in the urethra easily obstructs the path of the passing urine thereby splitting into two or more. On the other hand, fast moving urine with high pressure easily washes away left over semen or minor blockages in the urethra thereby avoiding splitting. There is no serious medical condition related to split urination resulting from low pressure of urine.

3. Congenital urethral fistula

Another reason why a person might see their urine split into two is as a result of congenital urethral fistula. This is however, not a very common cause of split urination. The congenital urethral urination occurs as a result of a birth defect. This rare condition causes a new but unwanted passage to develop between the urethra and the penile skin, thereby causing the person’s urine to split into two streams during the urination process. For this condition you need to consult your doctor for medical attention.

4. Urethral duplication

Urethral duplication is also another rare cause of split stream urination. Instead of possessing a single urethra, some men abnormally possess two different urethras. This also occurs due as a result of a birth defect. Any male suffering from this abnormal condition has a very high tendency of experiencing split stream urination anytime he urinates. Though common among males, several cases have also been identified in females too. An immediate medical surgery is required to correct the anomaly of urethral duplication in males and females.

5. Scar or damage to the urethra

The urethra is a tube or pipe that carries urine out of the body from the bladder. In males, the urethra also serves as a passage for semen. Scars or damages to the urethra can also lead to split urination.

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