Beware!!! stop eating fufu pounded with Machine. Here are the reasons

Fufu is one of Ghana’s favourite delicacy.

People say its a food mostly eaten by the Ashanti’s but nowadays almost every Ghanaian enjoy this delicacy.

It is made with cassava as the basis and its mixed with yam, plantain or cocoyam by pounding.

I will not touch the soup today because fufu is enjoyed with any type of soup except only okro soup but even that I am tempted to say that someone will swear by it.

All you need to have is a mortar and pestle and someone to help you, fufu is precious to us Ghanaians because it promotes unity and coordination even in its preparation.

Of late a machine has been invented to grind fufu and its very common as its found in almost every community. Let’s compare the two modes of preparing fufu.

1. Homemade fufu is prepared by using a cleaned mortar and pestle. It involves two people where one will stand or sit and pound and the other person will sit and drive the food. ( turn it around with washed hands to reduce the friction between the fufu and the mortar and also to ensure that all the cassava and the plantain is well pounded and smooth). This type of fufu is sticky and loved.

2. Grinded fufu is prepared by taking your cooked cassava and plantain to the mill just as we take corn to the corn mill. The operator of the machine pours the plantain or cocoyam first into the mill which is opened since its usually covered with a white lace after each customer finish milling her fufu. When the fufu comes out of the mill, the miller or the owner of the fufu dips the hand in to ensure its well milled.

Sometimes they cut the part which is not well milled and put it back into the machine. Same is done for the cassava before they are mixed together by the owner in the receiving bowl or in the machine (milled together again). Sometimes depending on the settings of the machine,the fufu becomes too soft and limbo. At other times the fufu is not as sticky as we want it to be.

The only disadvantage with the home made fufu is that most times some of the food is wasted during the pounding proces. You only have to ensure that the driver of the food has clean hands and doesn’t talk much to prevent saliva in your lunch.

Also the problem with the machine fufu is that the same machine serves various households before it is cleaned ( if its really cleaned). Again the machine is made of metal which can poison the meal totally. What you think might be fresh fufu might be mixed with days old fufu ( fufufunu)

Mother’s usually send their children to go and mill the fufu for them and this means the fufu machine operators use their hands to mix the food for them. Who knows what they have touched.

Most chop bars and restaurants also patronise the fufu making machines but they prefer it hard or not mixed so that they can mix it at their premise with mortar and pestle. This is not just because they want to reduce their cooking time and the labour employed, but they want their customers to know that their fufu is not grounded but pounded.

If you say you don’t like to eat grinded fufu then stay away from chop bars and restaurants. You now know the difference and the choice is yours.

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