Why Women Are Advised To Eat Bananas



We all know that fruits are very healthy for the body and banana falls among the best recommended fruit.

Diticians have shown that Fruits are very nutritious and healthy for the body.

It is therefore advisable that a person should take a fruit after every meal or atleast once a day.

Women are usually advised to take bananas and provided below are the reasons:

1.Bananas contain iron.


Iron is very important in forming of blood in the body.

This helps a lot in forming blood lost during the menstrual period. Blood lost during menstruation has to be replaced and banana is the best fruit to do so.

2.Bananas have fibre which helps a lot in preventing constipation especially in pregnant women.

3.Banana also contain potassium that helps in proper functioning of the nerves and muscle contraction.It also helps your heartbeat to remain regular.

It plays an important role in the functioning of the heart.

Please make sure you always eat a banana.

Thank you very much.

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