Why waste money on sore throat? Try these natural remedies



Sore throat is a pain characterised by an irritation in the throat that can occur with or without swallowing.

It normally begins with itching in the throat and ends with dangerous pain when swallowing.

Minor sore throats last for 2-3days but when it becomes severe, it can last up to weeks.

Some symptoms of sore throat include; Sneezing


Runny nose




Difficulty in Swallowing

Common causes of sore throat include;

Over used of voice

Very dry mouth


Bacteria infection


Dry air

Smoke, chemicals and other irritants


Natural Remedies to treat sore throat.

Take a cup of water with ¼ teaspoon of salt, gargle up to the affected area in the throat carefully, then pour out.

This will help soothe the scratchy throat.

Get a lemon, peel and squeeze out liquid.

Add a spoon of honey to the liquid.

Stir gently and drink.

This will help get rid of the bacteria and sore throat will varnish.

Another way to treat sore throat is by;

grinding tumeric into small pieces,

Put a little portion of it into a half cup of warm water,

Add half teaspoon of salt inside the mixture,

Stir gently,

Take sip by sip and gargle.

Another way to treat sore throat is by;

Taking Ginger root tea

Grind the ginger into small pieces,

Put inside a cup of hot water,

Add a teaspoon of honey and drink.

The main aim of these remedies is to get rid of the bacteria in the throat, this different remedies can do it effectively.

They are quite easy, fast and simple, you can get your sore throat treated with any one of them.

This will save your time and money as none will take more than five minutes to prepare.

Source; opera news

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