Why teachers in Ghana should vote out NPP and Akuffo Addo. check out the reasons



In the HISTORY of teaching in this country, no training college graduate has ever been made to do Compulsory NATIONAL SERVICE until NPP assumed power in 2017.

Through DUBIOUS means, The NPP is forcing trained teachers from the colleges of education to do compulsory NATIONAL SERVICE because they are paying Gh 400 per month for eight months in a year.

It is the plan of the npp to delay the permanent employment of the young teacher because of the so called allowance they are giving to the TRAINEES which is in ARREARS since January this year.

Can we make time to find out what the NDC did when they wanted to cancel the TRAINEE allowance so that we can appreciate how dangerous the NPP is?


The policy by the NDC to cancel the allowance though harsh, was the BEST compared to what the npp is doing today.

Please take your time and read on

During the period of the cancellation,

1. The NDC paid feeding GRANTS for all TRAINEES when they canceled the allowance. (Gh 568.00) per semester.

2. The NDC made sure school fees were moderately low.

3. The NDC gave room for as many as those who wanted ADMISSION to the college to have it with no stress (No quota system).

4. There was an Avenue for the students loan scheme which was very flexible. Students were to pay back the loans at no interest only when they started working.

5. College infrastructure improved significantly eg. Many colleges had lecture halls, staff bungalows and college auditoriums.

6. There was no LINCENSUIRE EXAMINATION because the NDC believed that teachers were doing enough education courses which gave them enough pedagogical skills to deliver.

7. There was no waiting period for permanent employment. Even those who didn’t get all their papers were posted but were placed on pupil teachers’ pay till they passed their exams. The job for the trained teacher was AUTOMATIC.

8. Principals and tutors were free to say things that they felt were not going well without intimidation.

9. Buses and cars were given to all the colleges in Ghana to aid teaching practice and movement of teachers.

So you see

What is happening today is a 419 scheme by the NPP

1. Use compulsory NATIONAL SERVICE to delay permanent employment

2. Use LINCENSUIRE EXAMINATION to delay employment and to fail large chunk of teachers so that only few will be employed.

The rest should stay home and rot till they get all the papers on the LINCENSUIRE EXAMINATION.

3. Use the NATIONAL SERVICE to take back the allowance and even cheat the teacher in the end because permanent posting will give the new teacher Gh1500.00 while NATIONAL SERVICE will give the new teacher Gh560.

4. They have increased school fees SIGNIFICANTLY. Most students are unable to register for their courses this semester because they are owing heavily.

5. They are not expanding facilities on the CAMPUSES yet they have increased the duration for college programs from three years to four years.

6. For the first time in the HISTORY of colleges of education in Ghana, Nana ADDO and Bawumia led NPP GOVERNMENT closed down colleges of education for almost two months disrupting academic work tremendously because of non payment of salary ARREARS.

Colleges will get into crises when all the four year groups are in school come 2022.

6. They have introduced QUOTA SYSTEM

I am a realist and a youth activist and anything good for the youth is all I aspire to get and project for them and for my country.

All I want to say is that, the npp is a bad news when it comes to handling of teachers and the education of Ghanaians. They have made serious denigrating statements about teachers which hitherto, the NDC will never make.

Example, Sarfo Marfo is on record to have said that teachers can go to hell with their STRIKE action. He said he would recruit SSS graduates to teach in the absence of the trained teacher.

Mathew opoku PREMPEH is on record to have said that teachers who attend training college are substandard especially those with diploma certificates.

Ken OFORI-ATTA was bold to delete names of teachers from the payroll because according to him, they were ghost names. As we speak today, some of the teachers are struggling to get their names back on the payroll. Many have died because of his CLUELESS action which he later apologized.

Today, they are also implementing the three months pay policy and have withheld people’s promotions for over three years.

By Assem Humphrey Darkeh

Regional Research Director ASH Region (NDC)

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