Why Soldiers Wear Long Sleeved Uniforms (a must read)

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We are all aware that every profession has its dress code and uniform.

Soldiers also have their unique uniforms depending on the branch they serve and they put them to heighten the identification with their fellow soldiers and their mission.

Military uniform may change in color, style and other elements but they are mostly long sleeved.

Provided below are some of the reasons why they wear long sleeved uniforms;

1. The uniform protects the soldiers from burns due to explosions, having bruises from rough training, biting, and stinging flies like mosquitoes during operation.

2. Another Thing Is Long sleeved uniforms protect the soldiers from drinking a lot of water since slow evaporation is taking place.

Understand that much of their skin is covered which reduces the rate of evaporation.

3. During cold seasons or when the soldiers are on a mission in a cold area the sleeved uniform helps them to feel very warm.

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