Why Rich People Don’t Always Give Out Money

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From a general perspective, the Rich are always seen as stingy people because people especially the poor are of the notion that the Rich class do not like giving out money to people anyhow unless you have worked for them.

This is very true and they have s reason for that.

Provided below are 3 reasons;

1. The Rich knows that money is hard to earn:

Even though the poor knows that money is hard to come by their spending habits always say otherwise.

The Rich will never spend money which will not earn them anything in return .

They think before spending any dime.

2. The Rich believe in investing than spending:

Even if the Rich wants to spend money, it will be on investment.

They will buy assets and not liabilities. Poor people are not good at this.

3. The Rich believes that money must work for them through wise savings and investment.

The Rich don’t spend their money on what they can do without but the poor spend theirs on what they can’t afford thereby living a fake and an unreal life full of deception and poverty.

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