Why Pen Or Pencil Is Not Used In Space By Astronauts

Welcome home my dear reader. is with much excitement enlightening you today on why a pen and a pencil do not function in space.

Please get this straight.

There is a particular pen that is used in space by astronauts in space.

Normal pens cannot be used in space, because gravity (the force that stops us from floating up off the Earth) pushes the ink down the pen.

Pencils are also no longer used in space either, because the graphite (the bit that makes marks on the page) in pencils can cause some level of damage to machinery.

Paul Fisher, an American inventor, came up with a solution that is the Fisher Space Pen.

This pen is filled with a gas called nitrogen, which pushes ink out without any gravity.

This came in very handy when computers were not commonly used in space.

The US space agency, Nasa, was among the companies that bought the Fisher Space Pen.

It was used by the people who went into space on the Apollo missions.

Till today, Fisher continues to market this pen as the pen that went to the Moon.

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