Why NDC Delegates Must Vote For Wonder Victor Kutor…Big Secret Revealed



By Enock Akonnor,

Wonder Victor Kutor occupies the 16th position on the ballot.

However are you privy to the fact and reality that the number 16 carries great significance and will yield much dividends for the NDC if he is voted into office as a NEC member of the party?

16 perfectly mirrors Wonder Victor Kutor; a youngster whose political support and fame is fast spreading like a bushfire in the harmattan season as the choice of delegates for the position.

Do you want to know why he should be voted for by delegates of NDC?


I’m sure you answer is YES.

According to numerology ( the study of the spiritual meaning of Numbers) the number 16 is a very special number, not just the number of digits on your credit card.

It’s a composite number, meaning it’s not a single digit, it is made up of more than one number.

In this case, the number 16 is a combination of the numbers one and six.

The number one represents new beginnings, great independence, and leadership.

The number six represents balance, harmony, and service to others. When you combine these two numbers, they create a very powerful vibration.

The number 16 associated with the qualities of independence, leadership, and service to others. It is a symbol of spiritual purity.

It also associates with the Tarot card, The Tower card. This card represents change, transformation, and upheaval.

The position of Wonder Victor Kutor on the ballot (16th) cannot in anyway be described as coincident. It is the decision of fate.

This medium is of the kind opinion that the delivery of Wonder Victor Kutor when voted for as a NEC member will offer great benefit for NDC insofar determining the victory of the party.

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