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In fact there are some women that pass by you and you cannot just help but take a second (and even a third) look at them and that is because they seem to have it all; stunning looks, a body that refuses to quit, a great skin tone, that killer smile that just seem to melt hearts and a bubbly personality which draws people to them like bees to a jar of honey.

If you were to rate them, you would give them a ten and they would deserve every single number on that scale.

Then you get close to them and discover all is not quite rosy in that particular garden.


They might appear like they have it all (and then some) but they really are not as happy as you would expect them to be.

They are single – not the type that comes by choice – and are probably lonely too with no serious guy wanting to stick around.

Shocker, right? But that is just the way it is. Things are not always as they seem and that stunning lady that you expect to have men vying for her attention just might be single and a bit lonely.

Why does this happen? Research has discovered a handful of reasons why some beautiful women shockingly remain single. Here are some of them:

1. They Have the Wrong Mindset About Men:

The dating world is a jungle, right? Most of us have stories to tell, battle scars we keep hidden from the world.

We have been hurt and we have also hurt others unintentionally and beautiful women are no exception.

If anything, these women, seeing as their looks pull men in, would have a lot more stories to tell.

Since anyone who has gone through a few heartbreaks would become cautious, jaded even it stands to reason that a beautiful woman would be no different and have more than her fair share of heartbreaks. With this, she is likely to develop the wrong mindset about relationships and men over time.

Of course, becoming so protective of her heart, she is bound to push not just the bad guys but some good guys away as well.

With her becoming so protective of her heart, she is bound to push not just the bad guys, but the good ones away too.

2. They Pick the Wrong Men:

She is also likely to still be a member of the singles’ pool if she has a knack for picking the wrong men.

She might be basing her selection criteria purely on superficial things like chemistry, looks, wealth, and social status and like all things fleeting, the allure of these qualities will wear out over time to reveal a relationship that is more chaff than substance.

3. They are Selective:

Who would not be, seeing as they have the opportunity to pick the very best? It’ human nature to want the very best and these women would be be staying real. However, the problem comes when she becomes way too selective or sets her sight so high, they fail to see a good thing passing until it is long gone.

There are a lot of good things around us and most times they don’t come in the package we’d expect.

4. Men are Insecure to Approach Them:

Yea, this is a thing. Since these women are so stunning, they could sometimes come across as being too near perfect, keeping one too many men from approaching. Even men with high self-esteem might feel a tad reluctant approaching a beautiful woman.

It is worse if she is constantly surrounded by rich, good looking men vying for her attention, it would be so easy to believe the competition too stiff and to wonder if she’s worth it all.

Because of this, most men turn their attention to women that don’t appear as “highs maintenance” or wouldn’t require a cut-throat price for her affections, leaving the beautiful women alone.

5. They Sometimes Don’t Have Good Personalities:

It is not true that all beautiful women have an unpleasant personality, this is just an untruth being promoted by people who themselves probably aren’t happy with their own looks. However, those who do have this questionable character are always a pain to be around.

You would have a hard time being around all that cattiness and self-centeredness, without it threatening to reach out and smother you.

While their great looks always draw people in, their cattiness can see these men taking a long walk after some time.


6. They Come with Too Much Baggage:

She also might be a drama queen, requiring and demanding too much attention and affection and since no one really can put up with this type of attitude for long, men will find themselves taking a walk after a while.

7. They are High Maintenance:

At the risk of generalizing here, some beautiful women are high maintenance. You would need to have a deep pocket, before going with these ladies, especially when she’s obviously high maintenance. If you don’t have doe to keep these ladies in style and the comfort they are used to, then going after these women might be a bad idea as it could end up ruining you.

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