Why ladies love dotted condoms than the others



Usually people are very different and each one of them desires to have a particular condom which are well designed to fit their interests.

In today’s world, different types of condoms have been established such as ribbed and dotted.

These have been made just to improve and boost sexual satisfaction and pleasure.

When we talk of dotted condoms, we actually mean the ones with created dots on the outside surface for boosting sexual pleasure, and it has been revealed that ladies love such condoms very much.


When sex is carried out using either dotted or ribbed condom, there is usually a feeling of relaxation which is created since there will be no fears or worries regarding the well-known consequences of sex like unwanted pregnancies and sexual transmitted diseases.

It has been proven that dotted condoms boosts sexual pleasure to a greater percentage in addition to providing both confidence to the involved persons.

The condoms made with raised dots normally boosts sexual excitement to both the men and women. The sensation is usually felt at their intended locations.

Usually with such condoms there is creation of friction which stimulates satisfaction and pleasure among the partners, and this arouses far deeper sexual response.

The distinct texture of such condoms in addition to their placement usually escalates the intimate feeling to deeper levels than normal. Both partners normally experience high levels of satisfaction.

The creation of such condoms was purposefully to create sexual pleasure for those that felt incapable, but also to prevent spread of sexually transmitted diseases. There are of various types for example there are those ones having additional layers on the inner side while others have on the outer side just for enjoyment.

Those who apply the dotted ones have been said to encounter greater degrees of sensation and comfort.

Bear in mind that textured condoms are a bit expensive compared to the other ones. Many research studies say that they are most effective especially when they are used appropriately.

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