Why It’s Dangerous To Use Right Hand When Giving To Beggars On The Street

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In fact as devoted Christians and Muslims we are on many occasions pushed to give money often when we sight these beggars on the streets and road sides.

The simple reason is that both the holy Bible and the holy Quran assures us of the litany of Blessings it comes with.

But aside the blessings assured in the holy books, Spiritual researchers has proven that sometimes giving out to beggars can be very dangerous owing to the fact that not all those beggars we see on the streets are normal humans.

As a matter of truth some of them are spiritual beings sent from the underworld to carry out a specific task on this earth.

We may see them as humans in the day and some disguise themselves as beggars sitting on the streets, but in reality, they transform back to their spiritual beings carrying out their assigned tasks while we are asleep during night hours.

When you are unfortunate to give out your money as a way of being charitable to these disguised beings, you may sadly end up inviting bad omens to your finances instead of the blessings promised in the Joly scriptures.

However so long as we cannot do away with giving alms since it is a major commandments of Our Creator, there is one way to go about it that is by avoiding using the right hand when giving out money to beggars.

According to spiritualists, the right hand is weaker than the left hand in the spiritual realm which is opposite to physical realm.

So whenever one uses the right hand to give out money to a beggar who has been sent from the spirit realm, they can work against your finances whether you are spiritually fortified or not.

And so therefore to counter these spiritual enchantment it is highly advisable to use the left hand whenever giving money to a beggar on the street.

As you do that your left hand which is spiritually strong will overpower the possessed beggar and no enchantment done against you through the money you gave him or her can be manipulative on your finances.

Even yhough the Bible and Quran entreats us to give alms to the needy, but how would you know if the beggar on the roadside is possessed or a normal human?

Make sure you follow the above instructions anytime you are giving out money to beggars so as to be safe from any spiritual enchantment on your life and finances.

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