Why I Don’t Give Money To Roadside Beggars- Bishop Oyedepo Reveals

Prominent Nigerian Man of God Bishop David Oyedepo; General Overseer for Winners Chapel, has disclosed why he doesn’t give money to beggars on the street.

Instead of giving out money to roadside beggars, believers, according to the renowned Bishop, should direct them to fellow Christians in the church of Christ.

God gave Christians an instruction to do good for all people, especially those who share their religious convictions, according to Oyedepo. He cited Galatians chapter six verse ten.

“Today, there are many individuals on the side of the road begging for charity, but God says to do good to all men, especially those in the household of faith,”
Bishop David Oyedepo stated, topping up that when God left the instruction in the Bible, he indicated great concern for the church.

Per his statement, churches should prioritize assisting the poor and needy.

“Giving to the Needy Begins with Those Already in the Household of Faith; the needy in the church is the best grand to see in terms of giving to the needy, not the malams by the roadside,” Bishop David continued, indicating that the early Christians in the Scriptures only prayed for the beggars on the roadside rather than giving them alms.

Doing good to one’s church brethren, he ended, is the same as doing good to one’s God.

“The only church only prays for those on the side of the road; they don’t offer anything to them; they only give to the church’s needy.”

“You have done well to me if you do good to one of my brethren,” Oyedepo stated. “The Needy are the best grand for cutting seeds to the poor in the body of Christ.”

Source; Opera News

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