Why Footballers Swap Their Jersey After A Football Match

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If you are a true football fan, you will testify to the fact that football players swap their jerseys either after the halftime whistle has been blown or after a certain football match.

Interestingly, even after footballers play against each other, irrespective of the outcome of the game, irrespective of how tired they are, they still find the time to exchange their shirts or jerseys after a football game.

Perhaps, it has become a tradition among footballers that even top players practice but have you ever wondered why players do that?

Well, has the reason for you.

Historically, shirt-swapping started 90 years ago (in 1931) after France’s 5-2 victory over England in Paris.

It was the first time in the history of France that they would defeat England who are the proud inventors of the beautiful game.

For the victory to stick to their memories years after, France players requested for the shirts or jerseys of their opponents and that was the very first time Jersey trading occurred.

To football players, the shirt of an opponent is a symbol of a memento which they keep as a reminder of a particular football match.

Well, this is not the only reason why football players swap their shirts anyway.

After France played a 2-2 draw with Portugal in the group stage of the ongoing Euro 2020, Kylian Mbappe went ahead to exchange his shirt with Cristiano Ronaldo who was his boyhood idol.

In the same vein, in case some players are opportune to play against a famous or world-class player who they respect, they will go after the player’s shirt after the game.

Furthermore, the act of swapping jerseys in football stands for the friendship that exists between two clubs or among players.

This is why it is quite rare to see players exchange shirts after a big rivalry match.

In summary, apart from the fact that football players in most cases put the Jerseys they’ve collected in a frame, they may also give them to their friends or family as a gift.

However, they may choose to do whatever they want with it.

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