Why Dogs Face Different Directions When Mating

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Have you ever questioned yourself on
why dogs face different directions when mating?

If you have a dog or you like dogs, probably you might have encountered a situation where dogs face different directions during mating.

The big question is do you know why they do that?

So many people think they know but in reality they are ignorant.

In this article, I will give you the actual reason why these dogs face different directions.

If you work with animals or wildlife you might have gone a little bit further in finding out why, however stick around to verify your research.

So you have seen dogs mating and after like 2 minutes you see the male taking a round turn, giving its back to the female?

Please be informed that the main reason they turn around is for defense and those in the wildlife industry call it the defense mechanism.

Yeah you thought it was a way of getting loose, Yeah it makes sense but that is not the case at all.

When dogs are mating, it is the most vulnerable time and hour they can ever be in.

I am not even sure why they are also stupid enough to be mating in public, however its something for another day, because domesticated dogs feel safe anytime there is a human being roaming around.

So back to the defense mechanism, when the male face the opposite direction it is able to drive back any threats from its end, while the female does the same at the other end.

Again they will be protecting their soft parts which facilitates the mating.

So from today you can now explain something of actual sense when you encounter dogs mating.

Yes it can be a panic response to the first time mating dogs, however their natural defense gene informs them to turn around.

Thank you for your time. I’m sure I didn’t waste your data.

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