Whoever said NPP will win should read this immediately

Election is just about few days away and all political parties most especially the NPP and the NDC are very eager to win the seat with ease.

The NDC is seeking to return to power whiles the NPP is looking forward to retain their seat.

For whatever reason one will surely emerge victorious.

Now this article is based on my personal opinion and does not intend to violate any national law or cause confusion among citizens, but only to create awareness as to the one particular reason why I will personally vote against the NPP and why they will loose.

2016’s election was clearly an easy win for Nana Addo and his NPP government, due to certain factors and favors.

But this time this one reason will hit the NPP soo hard it will cause them to loose.

Below is the one reason why the NPP will loose massively:

2. The bane if DUMSOR

In NPP’s 2016 campaign promise, they stated clearly that this government will bring a complete end to NDC’s dumsor. There Is no doubt that they can do, looking at the like free electricity for the whole of this corona season. But the real problem is why haven’t they brought it to an END yet. Just recently my District have experiencing some petty petty Electricity outage which is very troubling. It happens everyday usually from 11 in the morning till 3 in the evening. The big question mark here is, has DUMSOR ended or this is another form of DUMSOR?

Source; Opera News

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