Where To Touch A Guy To Make Him Like You



Welcome to this educative article.

I want to talk to you about where guys want to be touched because a number of married women are ignorant of this and their ignorance has shipwrecked their marriage.

Below are tips on the subject for today;

1. When you play with his hair:

This is a low-key turn on for every guy, hence they want to be touched there.


If a guy lets you play with his hair, probably this is a clear indication that he likes you.

Are you going to allow random strange people play with your hair?

I doubt you will do that.
The thing is, it does not matter who is playing with your hair, it feels good, but you just do not want anybody you do not know in person to do that.

You do not know where their hands have been.

Granted, if you like someone you do not know where their hands have been, and you are still willing to let them play with your hair, because it feels good.

2. When you give him a neck massage:

I have received such massages before, and when you are in that room waiting for the massage to come in, you are just hoping it would be someone at least remotely attractive, because they would be touching you a lot.

Once they start giving you the massage, it does not matter what they look like, you are practically in love with this person’s hands.

They could have like three fingers and you are not going to care.

Please just understand it that, neck massage releases a lot of happy chemicals in your body that make you like it. If you and him are sitting there anywhere, and you start giving him a neck massage randomly, infact he is going to like you. Just do it, and watch his reaction.

3. When you touch his hands:

If you really think about it, one of the best ways you can go about this really smoothly is by comparing hand sizes.

Whenever you do it, it is just like a low-key intimacy.

One thing you could do is just hold hands with him. Who do you hold hands with? Guys that you are dating.

One way you can tell a guy that you like him, in a subtle, attractive way is by holding his hand.

Whenever he reciprocates by holding and squeezing your hand back, that is a positive sign that he likes you too.

The feeling is always smoother when you can find ways to communicate how you feel about someone, or what you think about someone through your actions rather than words.

Thank you very much

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