Where Religion and Tradition meets Partisan Politics- G. O. Amponsah writes

Where Religion and Tradition meets Partisan Politics- G. O. Amponsah writes
Ghana, a secular state, embraces all forms of Religious inclinations of its citizens.

We have lived in harmony among ourselves prior to and post independence. The peaceful coexistence of the various Religious sects is simply an enviable trait every Ghanaian must acknowledge and be proud of.

Our distinguished Traditional leaders, over the period have managed to uphold our rich culture and customs, ranging from traditional jurisprudence to the preservation of nature, among others, to the admiration of the West.

Partisan Politics on the other hand, has sought to polarise the country over the same period under review without any convincing justification.

While the masses expect the Religious and Traditional leaders to unite us through their cassocks, clericals, stools and skins, they seem to be more political than their followers.

Today, in Ghana, at the mention of a Religious or Traditional leader’s name, Ghanaians do not struggle one bit to align him or her to either NPP or NDC. Yes, that is the unfortunate story of Mother Ghana today.

The quest for fame, wealth and unimaginable levels of greed has jeopardised the morality of our hitherto revered Religious and Traditional leaders.

The state of hopelessness and exasperations among the youth of Ghana is gaining an alarming notoriety in recent times.

Despite the various interventions of successive governments, the plight of the average Ghanaian youth seems not to have gotten any better.

I do not intend to be a prophet of doom, however, if these seemingly unpatriotic trends are not reversed earnestly, a day is coming when everyone will assume his or her own leader. And let no Religious or Traditional leader takes this for granted, for they will suffer more consequences than their teeming followers on the day of reckoning.

May I respectfully conclude on this hard-hitting note, that, so much premium has been placed on Religion and Tradition for far too long, yet some players in these sectors are engrossed in self-seeking, self-perpetuating and self-aggrandising conundrum to the detriment of the future generations.

He who have ears, let him listen!

By: George Opoku Amponsah (Political and Social Interest Advocate)

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