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When you buy “Kobi”, do this before you use it to cook



It is often said that kobi is a natural spice added to meals to give it a unique taste.

Prepared from fish, kobi is usually salted to help preserve it.

Kobi is even more expensive than meat and this shows its popularity and preference of consumers.

When used for soups together with cow meat it is very irresistible. For me I even prepare jollof with kobi.

However even though kobi looks whitish from the effects of the salt used in preserving it kobi comes very dirty and smelly.


When bought it can be refrigerated or kept frozen to prevent flies from your kitchen.

Before you use kobi to prepare your meal, remember that salt is bad for the body’s metabolism and a little should be eaten at a time.

Soak the kobi in water for a few minutes before using it. This will help remove the excess salt from the kobi.

Again the area that is cut as away to say that the kobi is dressed has some black markings there. It is dirt please wash there well till the black is gone.

Remove all the Epson salt in the kobi before soaking it though.

Source; Opera News

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