When you are affected by these things, then know that you are a prophet by calling.

According to the gifts of the Holy Spirit given to people by God, prophecy is one of them.

The endowment of prophecy includes having the option to be able to predict events that are yet to occur. This is one of the most interesting gifts an adherent can have as it speaks to a cozy relationship that one has with God to have the option to get with God legitimately.

A prophet is somebody who is near God since that is the main way God can confide in you and uncover to the individual information that is yet to occur.

On the off chance that you have the endowment of prophecy, these are the regular signs you will notice:

1. Frequent dreams.

Dreaming is one way that God addresses people, in the event that you are an individual who dreams frequently, then it is an indication that you will undoubtedly turn into a prophet. These dreams are consistently much of the time revelatory dreams as they contain genuine information that can be understood if cautiously deciphered.

2. Solid instinct.

Are you an individual that has a solid hunch. The greater part of the occasions this sentiments will end up being valid. This sentiments will in general give the individual a solid conviction that a function will happen. On the off chance that such sentiments are frequent, then realize you are going towards working in the prophetic blessing. An individual who has high instinct is ready to detect and identify things inside the climate with no information and they all end up being valid.

3. Love for God.

Do you have a profound feeling of love for God. Prophets are the nearest to God since they get with God straightforwardly. With profound love for God, the individual will consistently battle to make the best decision to keep up the relationship with God at its best.

4. Disdain sin.

Do you have a profound scorn for transgression. As we as a whole realize God is blessed and doesn’t live in wrongdoing. Numerous on occasion the individual will endeavor to abstain from erring. And incase the individual sins the person in question is to brisk to request forgiveness from God in order to restore the relationship with God.

5. Love praying for others and love others.

Is there a genuine desire in you and need to petition God for others and in any event, requesting forgiveness for their benefit, most occasions prophets manage people and they want to mediate for their sake. On the off chance that you are one individual who loves doing that, probably God is calling you towards prophecy.

Source; Opera News

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