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When Dogs Get Stucked, Never Throw Stones At Them, Here Are The Reasons

As an experienced Veterinarian, I am very familiar with this scene.

Majority of people do not have much fun with seeing animals having sex.

When an individual discovers street dogs in this situation, they kick them or throw stones at them just get them separated from the act.

Others too hit them with bamboo or sticks, overly enthusiastic.

Please let us understand a little bit as we read this article.

I want to draw your attention to the fact that animals and “sex” are just as basic as humans.

First of all, the joke about the system in which you were born is not very appropriate.

The mega question for us today is that why do dogs get stucked?

Dog sex is mainly done in two or three main steps, the second of which is the ‘stuck’ step.

Whenever a male dog releases semen during sex, the ‘bulbas glandis’ of his genitals become quite stiff and at the same time the muscles of the vagina of a female dog become so much constricted.

As a result, the male dog cannot in any way remove its genitals from the female dog’s genitals until both of their repriductive muscles are relaxed.

In such an event, some fluid is secreted from the male dog’s genitals, which triggers his sperm to flow very quickly.

It can happen and last for about 5 to 45 minutes.

Do you know what happens when you force them to run or hit their genitals with something?

As a matter of fact, sometimes the muscles relax quickly, but in many cases the muscles break and in some cases the female dog loses its sexual ability or strength.

Sometimes too there are more issues, including loss of kidney function in male dogs.

You have no right whatsoever to harm them just as they are not harming you.

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