When A Kettle Of Vultures Hones In On A Wrong Target



By Fadi

The unguarded utterances of malicious individuals in the Alan camp and other members of the committee of vultures that have nested in the undergroves of civility to churn out disgusting lies have made the Dr Bawumia candidacy for the flagbearership of the NPP my personal business. I never, once, imagined that people who until recently had my respect would drop into the pile of shit that they have made their resting place so quickly.

It is shocking and utterly crippling to my mind to constantly hear the barrage of attacks on a simple man, who has been a brilliant example of scholarly fortitude to follow as Dr Mahmoudu Bawumia. I take great offence to the false accusations that his candidacy is being funded by an Islamist group in Nigeria. That statement is offensive enough as it is!

Before I delve into the matter, let me say that the supposed eight that have teamed against Dr Bawumia are in no manner relevant at all. Some of them do not mean a thing to the delegates and those that have some measure of favour with delegates are losing quite a number due to the ugliness of their strategies and the divisiveness that their campaigns are marred with. On a personal note, I will never associate myself with any of those eight for the simple fact that if they have allowed reason to fly out of their heads, then they deserve no honour and no respect.

Dr Mahmoudu Bawumia is the man! The only man! The well-trimmed and politically trained mastermind of NPP’s success, who is worthy of the honour anyone may want to attach to a candidate in the flagbearership elections of the NPP. Those others who have become millionaires and billionaires on the back of politicism may just have to shut up and coil their tails in shame for the cowards that they are. Like it is said, they are all talk….just foolish talk!
Initially, before the idea of communicating with the Nigerian charlatan to rope him into their circle of cannibalism, the gangsters against Dr Bawumia had cooked up a story that the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia had earmarked two billion US Dollars to ensure that Ghana got a Muslim President. That would never be possible especially when Saudi Arabia has embarked on the audacious Line City project, which would cost a whopping “five hundred billion US Dollars,” an amount that is expected to double. So, when the fools realised that they had shot themselves in the foot, they changed the narrative by employing the services of the morally bankrupt cannibal from Nigeria to throw filth at Dr Bawumia with wild allegations and malicious insinuations.


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