What to do if an insect or bug enters your ear

This story I’m about to share offers me an insight on how to remove insect or bug in your ear.

This incident happened in the middle of the night while I was asleep; I was in a deep sleep on my bed when I perceived that an insect has entered my ear. I had to wake up immediately and I was curious of whom I have offended that has decided to attack me this way; this might be hilarious but I know this kind of thought won’t be far from you likewise.

I woke up to my feet, trying to bring the insect out with my hand but the more I tried, the unbearable the pains become.

In a twinkling of an eye, I dipped my hand inside a bowl filled with water and poured the water on the affected ear, behold it became another round of tug of war that I had to wake my neighbor. This woman and her family were really good to me, they had to wake up from their sleep and starts to panic as if they were the ones feeling the pains.

I began to moan in pains, so the spirit of God at that moment gave me an inspiration to search online for any potential solution. I picked my phone and had to subscribe to MTN data plan; began to surf google for the solution and behold the solution popped out.

I saw an article that recommended application of olive oil or baby oil on the affected ear. Immediately, I had to call a lady friend living upstairs to demand whether she has olive oil and she responded Yes.

She came back with the oil and she had to apply it on the affected ear and behold the pain and the movement of the insect subsided. I was able to return to bed peacefully without problem.

I thought it has ended but I’m wrong; if the carcass (that is the body) of the insect is not yet out or removed, it can damage the ear. I thought within myself that, there’s no more problem but unfortunately after some months, I developed ear problem. Which includes unbearable noise and scratching from the affected ear.

I had to buy ear drop but the pain increased, so I decided to visit my school clinic and when the doctor diagnosed my ear, he said my ears are filled with dirt. The doctor used warm water with forceps to clean my ear, what came out was very disgusting; It was the dead body of an ant that was suffocated with the use of the olive oil.

Up till this moment, I do thank God for saving me and that’s the reason why I’m sharing this with you likewise.

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