What It Means When A Baby Looks Through Her Legs



Please have you ever heard that there are hidden secrets every time a newborn curls up and his legs follow?

In many cultures, babies are a great sign of things to come.

Many people dismiss this as superstition.

They have also seen others swear it hatches.

It is up to you whether you believe them or not.


If your baby is snuggled between his or her legs, remember that feeding is not the right thing to do.

This is the meaning of when a child peeks through his legs:

1. Another baby is coming:

Seeing the baby crouching is said to be a sign that another baby is on the the way.

Some parents consider it a superstition, while others take a pregnancy test and convince themselves that they are pregnant.

This may be completely true, but there are other reasons why you may see your baby leaning forward.

2. Old people’s tales about pregnancy:

As with many myths, the facts are usually not backed up by much science. If common sense says it’s wrong, it’s usually a safe bet that it’s wrong.

If your baby is looking between his/her legs (or downward facing dog for yoga lovers).

You may or may not have heard information on the old woman’s story that claims that if a baby stares between his/her legs (or faces the downward dog for your yoga lovers), he/she predicts a pregnancy or wants another sibling

Many experts recommend that newborns look at their feet to improve their depth perception and experience a new “upside down” view of the world.
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