What blood group O people should avoid



Oh yes it’s true that you can give blood to all other blood groups if you are blood type 0!

Wao, that’s a unique ability. Don’t you agree?

However on the other hand, only people with the same blood type can receive blood, which is a bad thing – because Blood Type O is very rare!

You should know that this isn’t the only thing that makes you different! Ok, yeah, as the experts say your blood type has some aspects that make you completely special and defferent from other people around you.

Go through the article below and learn more.


Here’s what you need to know about it – yeah, it’s true that you’re more susceptible to those diseases, which is terrible! You are also a born leader, however, and you are extremely energetic and you’re always focused on the goal you are thinkingabout! And, you let nothing distract you from your chosen path.

These hot skills and features make you a unique individual and everybody likes to have you around.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, persons with type O Blood are more “vulnerable” to other diseases and health problems, such as ulcers, thyroid dysfunction, low thyroid hormone levels, and iodine deficiency.

These can trigger additional side effects like excessive body weight and water retention.

It will shock you when we tell you this sort of blood has long been related to a special personality form in Japan.

Employers might even ask you about your blood type when you are being interviewed for a job!

People with Type O blood are most frequently described as responsible, committed, organized, focused, conscientious, and practical.

They are considered to be better oriented and better logicians. It is assumed that its ancestors had to look at and assess the world in a specific way to survive, and that they were hunters.

Hyperactive and impulsive
Blood Type O people are usually hyperactive and impulsive when they experience huge stress and can easily become irritated in these situations. In combination with the poor diet, higher sensitivity and a more sedimentary lifestyle will make you more vulnerable to harmful metabolisms, such as insulin resistance, slow thyroid activity, and weight gain.

And you should also be aware that people with Blood Type O have high amounts of acids that lead to a more susceptible stomach and ulceration.

Experts have explained that you should not drink caffeine and alcohol if your blood type is O.

Caffeine can damage you because adrenaline levels are naturally high with people who have O blood type.

Daily or 3-4 times a week, exercises are required.

Ona positive side, however, the genetic heritage has opened the doors to a strong, productive, and hopeful life.

Source; opera news

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