What a lady means when she bites her lower lip whiles looking at you



 Men have been wondering what it means when a lady looks at them while biting the lower lip. It’s really somehow challenging to get the answer for that.

I would like to make you understand what it really means. Make sure you read this prospective meanings carefully.

When a girl bites her lower lip a curiosity about you is peaked. She has a strong feeling for you and she’s somehow expressing them in w hidden way.

When a lady bites her lips, she wants you to be more than friends with her. She wants to be in a relationship with you. Maybe she’s figuring out how life with you will be much interesting.

When a girl bites her lip, she’s telling you that you’re looking good and appealing. She might not mean the handsomeness but she might mean the perception of her likes.


She might also mean that you are making her feel good about herself. She wants you to know it in everyway.

These are just but a few facts among many. Please keep an eye on these.

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