“We’re Committed…Do Your Part By Speeding Up Construction Of Toilets”- Ing. Asiedu To GAMA SWP Contractors



By Enock Akonnor;

Coordinator for the GAMA/GKMA Sanitation and Water Project Ing. George Asiedu has admonished contractors to speed up their delivery visavis the construction of household bio digester toilet facilities under the project.

He has mentioned that in as much as officials are committed at paying them on time, they should as well step-up the execution of their role so as to avoid issues related to delayed construction and completion of the household latrines.

Ing. Asiedu told in an exclusive dialogue that this year 2023, the projects has targeted building 10,000 household toilets across the eight Metropolitan assemblies within Greater Kumasi.

“The SPIs must do their part since they are key component of the implementation of the project. We on our part will make sure that their payments are ready and they as contractors too must speed up the construction of the facilities to help us hit the target.”


Ing. George Asiedu also encouraged Ghanaians and for that matter house owners to take advantage of the opportunity government is offering which is the provision of affordable toilets to low income-communities.

He explained that advantages gained from owning a toilet far outweighs that of a public latrine.

It comes with so much relief as users will no longer experience sanitation related diseases or hazards.

He indicated that, it goes far to mitigate several health problems associated with defecating in the open as issues of diarrhoea and walking through rains into the bush to defecate and fall victim to snake bite will be eliminated.


The GAMA/GKMA Sanitation and Water Project for Ghana is World Bank grant of US$150 million to support the Government of Ghana’s efforts to increase access to improved sanitation and improved water supply in the GAMA, with emphasis on low-income communities and to strengthen management of environmental sanitation in the GAMA.
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Project Components

The GAMA Project has four components: provision of environmental sanitation and water supply services to priority low-income areas; improvement and expansion of the water distribution network; planning, improvement, and expansion of GAMA-wide environmental sanitation services; institutional strengthening of municipal, metropolitan, and national institutions.

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