“We’ll Resist Any Attempt To Rig These 2 Elections”- Musah Superior Vows

By Enock Akonnor

The leadership of Musah Superior-led People’s Campaign has vowed to disallow any attempt by a party or electoral officer to rig the election processes of the upcoming NPP regional and national elections to the advantage of a preferred candidate.

“Every form of electoral fraud and interference will be resisted to the core”, executives have assured, adding that “the People’s Campaign team will not sit aloof and watch a rigged process.”

Per the content of a brief press statement issued on Sunday, they said they are poised towards ensuring that the elections are conducted on the grounds of fairness.

“We will monitor the election vigilantly. Non elegible persons will not be allowed to vote. We will resist any attempt to introduce “foreign” electors”, they stated vehemently.

Speaking to in a cozy dialogue, NPP General Secretary hopeful Musah Superior ( founder and leader of the People’s Campaign), said the move will save the party from incidence of violence; a product of rigged elections.

Effective monitoring will be set in motion and this will go a long way to thwart the repetition of violent scenes that characterised our polling station elections.”

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