Weak Performance? Use Bitterleaf And Coconut Water To Boost Your Man Power

The herb which is popularly called Bitterleaf is a very powerful medicinal plant which has been used for years mainly because of its health benefits.

In Ghana a lot of people have this plant in their houses but majority do not bother to know what this plant does and its various benefits to their health, how and what the can use it for.

Some people chew it raw, others too use it as a vegetable to cook.

Others who have a knowledge of its medicinal qualities also uses it to treat and cure various health conditiions and problems.

A high number of people do not like using the plant because of its bitter taste. As a result, they have denied themselves of the benefits they would have tapped from this plant.

Whenever you mix Bitterleaf and the coconut water, it becomes very potent and you will be very healthy when you combine both to drink.

Bitterleaf on its own is very good and highly effective in the treatment of so many health problems like:

A. If you have a problem with skin disease like measles, Chicken pox and small pox.

B. If you have urinary tract infections like Gonorrhea and it also fights bacterial infections.

C. It is also very good for men who have low sperm counts or weak Libido.

D. It is also boosts the immune system if it is weak.

E. The leaf has the ability to control sugar level, either you are having high or low sugar level, bitterleaf controls both sugar levels stages.

F.. If you are somebody who is suffering from Joint pain, Teeth and stomach ache, bitterleaf helps In treating and normalising the body system.

On the other hand, Coconut water is also very good owing to the litany of benefits it offers the body.

What it means is that, when you combine this two, it produces a very powerful drink that is very beneficial and effective to the human healths.

The directions on how you can make this drink is:

A. You will need Seven(7) leaves of bitterleaf and wash them thoroughly with water.

B. Cut the bitterleaf into smaller pieces, then grind it properly till it becomes smooth.

Pour the grinded bitterleaf into a cup, plate or any neat container.

D. Then add the coconut water to the smooth bitterleaf and stir it properly.

E. After stiring it, leave it for three(3) days before you can start drinking it.

F. You will drink it twice daily both morning and night, Repeat the process continuously for more effective results.

Please be informed that this drink is very effective and is good for everyone.

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