“We Will Match You Boot For Boot” -Bawumia Fun Club Chairman Tells Alan



By Enock Akonnor

Chairman fo Bawumia Fun Club Mr. Twumasi Ankrah, a.k.a “chairman akoko” has sworn to match Alan Kyeremateng boot-for-boot in his political quest for the presidential seat.

The former Minister for trade on Monday announced his decision to contest in the upcoming 2024 presidential elections as an independent candidate, but Chairman Akoko has hinted that the move is a grand agenda hatched to take NPP to opposition because of Vice President Dr. Bawumia.

“That is their plan but it will not work”.

“We are waiting for him and we will match him boot for boot”, he added.


He told that Alan Kyeremateng was somebody he respected so much and the respect he had for him was partly premised on he being a member of NPP.

“Now that he has chosen to go independent, it means he is no more a member of NPP. He spoke ill of the party and we will do same to him”

Instead of going independent, Chairman Akoko told this medium that the best option Alan should have taken is a retirement from active politics, “but to say you are going independent?… hahahaha, he will clap for himself during the heat of 2024 campaign”.

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