Ways Of Preventing Abnormal Odor From Private Parts

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Per a health research, bad odor is caused by increased growth of bacteria, the diet that an individual takes, bad hygiene practices and abnormal hair growth on parts of the body.

If you happen to be a victim of this condition, the following ways will help you to get rid of thar bad smell;

1. Always Maintain a Hygiene.

Have good hygiene practice such as taking a part regularly and dry your body completely before wearing clean clothes. This helps prevent accelerated growth of bacteria in the body.

2.. The Type of Under wears.

Wear cotton underwear to prevent retaining of moisture. Under wears that retain moisture can increase bacteria levels and lead to abnormal smell.

3. Soaps and detergents.

Please avoid using any soap when washing your privates especially for ladies.

This is because they have chemicals that alter the PH and hence may cause a bad smell.

4. Your Diet.

Eating of yoghurt, cranberries and citrus fruits may help reduce odor by controlling bacteria growth hence reduce the odor.

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