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Washington DC mayor replies Donald Trump on ‘greet them with vicious dogs’ tweet



Mayor for Washington DC, Muriel Bowser has advised US President Trump to discontinue sending “divisive tweets that are meant to harken back to the segregationist past of our country.”

On Saturday Trump erroneously shifted blames on Bowser in a tweet of not allowing the DC Metropolitan Police Department to help the Secret Service keep control of the situation with protesters in Lafayette Park the night before.

The claim was then refuted by the US Secret Service who said in a statement that the DC police department was present.

Per the same strand of tweets, President Donald Trump made a statement  that protesters “would have been greeted with the most vicious dogs, and most ominous weapons, I have ever seen,” if they breached the fence outside the White House.

Addressing the media in a press conference which was held yesterday, Bowser underlined how Trump’s reference to the “ominous dogs” was “no subtle reminder” of segregationists who would attack African Americans with dogs.


Bowser raised a word on Sunday that the city is working on clean-up, and is working with law enforcement “to ensure calm in our city.”

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