Was Napo Sent To The Energy Ministry To Destroy His Political Ambition? See Details

Honourable Matthew Opoku Prempeh is undoubtedly one of the best Ministers who performed well within the past first four years reign of H. E Nana Addo.

By way of credence, the heads of the various agencies under the Ministry of Education organized a farewell event for Dr. Matthew Opoku Prempeh, popularly known as ‘NAPO’.

The occasion which took place at the Movenpic Hotel in Accra, gave the various heads the platform to commend Mr. Napo for his stellar leadership, as each took turns to pay glowing tribute to Dr. Prempeh, citing his hard work, commitment, team-building and capacity-building attributes, as the heads presented a glass plaque to their former boss in appreciation of his support and guidance over the years.

In his remarks at this event, Dr. Prempeh looked back on some of the educational achievements during his tenure and observed that these could not have been possible without the support of the various agency heads responsible for these reforms and initiatives and indicated his expectation that even though he was moving to a new ministry, the friendships he had formed at the Education Ministry with some of the heads would endure.

It was also at this event that he revealed one of his biggest contribution to Ghana’s educational sector, when he mentioned that, his ultimate act in support of teachers when he was in office was striking a deal to provide every public school teacher with a laptop to support their work.

“The deal is done, and I am very proud that this last major act in office was to support teachers in this country,” he had said.

Under his tenure therefore as the Education minister, the country is in a position to have a well-educated population in the next decade to come, technical and vocational education has been given a pride of place in the country and no child is been left behind, as the sector also recorded one of the best performance in the West African Senior Secondary Certificate Examination in 2020 resulting in mass admission to tertiary education.

So the mega question is, who changes a well performing striker for a game, he has very little experience or at best, is problem riddled perennially? Well, you may choose to disagree with me, but the energy sector crisis has become the hallmarks of all past presidents, except that, the one during Mahama’s tenure was the mot prolonged, but every president has seen the lights going off and coming on and already, H. E Nana Addo is beginning to have a feel of his tenure’s own challenge.

And in as much as NPP faithful’s will deny that, this is DUMSOR, but we have all the time, as we are still in Ghana and few months away, we will all know the truth, as the fundamentals has a nice way of exposing the Ghanaian Politician always.

It is no hidden secret that, NAPO has presidential ambitions, something he has been preparing himself for, ever since he entered parliament years back. But what may not be known now, is whether he would have started trying out his chances in the coming 2024 elections, even though we know Bawumia and Alan Cash may well be the favourite candidates, but we cant really tell really.

With this predictions that cannot be easily determined, it is well noted that, if this energy crisis that has started on a small note is not dealt with magically, it may prolong and if it does, as the manager of the energy sector, much blame will be placed on him and this may well affect his 2024 and even beyond presidential ambitions.

If one will want to know how powerful issues around energy can mess you up politically, look at he former President’s loose after his first term of office, as the Dumsor was one of the major reasons, why H. E Nana Addo had that unprecedented win in the 2016 elections.

Interestingly, for all observers of the energy sector, the current erratic power supply could be easily predicted. As many Independent Power Producers had already started complaining during the election season, but the typical politician found innovative ways to promise and find money to offset some of the debts, helping to keep the lights on, but at this point, such promises wont work anymore, hence the several incidences of lights going off.

However, it must be noted that, the seeming problem may well be a trump card for the Energy Minister, as a clear leadership may even put him ahead of Bawumia and Alan Cash.

Look at it from this angle, Covid-19 has undone all of Bawumia’s supposed economic wins and already, the cedi was not performing any better. Again, whereas Alan Cash could boast about industrialization, we all know that, several of these factories are yet to be built and function, hence, if Dr. Matthew Prempeh is able to get the lights on and even introduce a highly robust energy sector, and accolades start coming to his person from key industry players, he may soon be the party’s choice to break the eight as the NPP intends to do.

It must however be noted that, the Energy Minister Dr Matthew Opoku Prempeh has already dispelled suggestions of a return to the days of constant power outages, also know as ‘dumsor’, following erratic power supply in the last few days, as after last Sunday’s nationwide blackout, the Ghana Grid Company Limited, (GRIDCo) had explained, it was due to a challenge in the power system. And according to Dr Matthew Opoku Prempeh “I’m not sure it [the power outages] keeps recurring. GRIDCo has explained why the blackout was happening.

GRIDCo never blamed us and took responsibility for what happened, that there were system failures they couldn’t do anything about,” he said.

Well, lets just fold our arms, enjoy the power on and off for a while, as it is not Dumsor like Mahama’s own and keep going, if in a month or three, there is not any of such lights off and on, and we can boast of another main energy production source and debts paid, well, maybe, we may be having a presidential candidate for the NPP made out of a potential dumsor.

Do you think Dumsor is here? Do you think NAPO can solve it finally?

Thank you very much for reading this post.

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