Warning to teachers; Validate your image on payslip or loose August salary



The Ghana Education Service has Issued a notice to all public Sector teachers to as a matter of necessity validate their image on their electronic payslip page or lose their salaries beginning August 2020.

The foregoing notice popped up after the Auditor General went on a payroll Audit in 2018 to get rid of Ghost names occupying the payroll and taking unearned salaries.

Mr. Daniel Yaw Domelevo went on a nation wide payroll audit removing number of names from the Government of Ghana’s payroll and declaring some salaries as unearned compelling the individuals involved to refund such monies.

The steps for Validating your image has been reviewed as it was left for the staff to upload it by themselves, this system has been changed as the staff involved needs to contact their validator to be able to assist in the validation process.

What requires a white background passport image and the image should be sent to the individual’s validator via email or WhatsApp electronically.


The Validator will then upload the image to the portal of the staff involved for it to be verified and accepted by the Controller and Accountant General Department (CAGD).

After the Image has been sent, cross check in your portal by login inn to check at the center top of the portal to be sure the image has been validated.

This should be done before the close of August to avoid challenges.

Please bear in mind that without this you won’t be able to access loans as well.

Source; opera news

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