Warning!!! Stop Taking These Drugs If You Love Your Liver And Kidney



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I want to take a walk with you through this article on why you have to avoid taking some drugs in excess so as to save your liver and kidney.

At the end of this article, I will explain why the liver and kidney are the two most important organs affected by these medications in considerable amounts or doses.

A lot of people, including a friend of mine, overdose on acetaminophen (up to 25, 000 mg) just because they believe the recommended dose of 1000 mg is insufficient.

A metabolite (a result of paracetamol breakdown) is produced when too much paracetamol is used, which is damaging to the liver and kidneys.


Acetaminophen is a hepatotoxic medication, and that means it can cause liver damage.

To be clear, other pain medicines such as ibuprofen, ketoprofen, naproxen, and diclofenac can be substituted if paracetamol is no longer effective.

2. Ketoconazole:

This drug is a hepatotoxic medication (that is, drugs that destroy the liver).

Due to the liver damage that this medicine produces when used at regular doses, many doctors have begun to advise against taking it.

Consider the consequences of overeating. The ramifications would be highly disastrous.

As a health specialist, I recommend using this drug topically (on your skin or another external location) rather than systemically (do not drink it).

Please remember, this is merely advise; ultimately, your doctor will decide what is best for you.

Antibiotics like amoxicillin, amoxicillin-clavulanic acid, ampicillin-cloxacillin, and tetracycline also come to mind.

I talked about how people utilize a mix of antibiotics to get the best results.

You are not only putting your body’s important organs in jeopardy, but you are also eradicating bacteria that your body uses to convey critical or necessary physiological responses.

Killing them puts your life in jeopardy.

Because your kidneys and liver are the organs most vulnerable to harm from taking too many of these medications, they are also the organs that are most vulnerable to injury.

The liver and kidneys must break down the drugs in order for the primary component to be released, which offers the therapeutic effects you require.

Many medications, such as ketoconazole and acetaminophen, contain potentially harmful compounds that the liver and kidneys eventually eliminate.

It is very critical to remember what I said earlier about “little by little.”

After an overdose, if you have too many of these substances in your liver and kidney, they will start killing the cells in your liver and kidney.

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