WARNING: Never Allow Your Lady To Sit At The Front of You Car, Here Are 3 Reasons



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I understand very well that so many people have seen the front seat of the car as the only place their woman can sit, to prove to the whole community that, I deed they now have a woman in their life.

However, this habit might be very dangerous, and that explains why I have written this very article to educate you on the reasons why your woman should not sit at the front of the car.

The reasons are 3 and are provided below;

1. For Protection


This is the first reason why your woman should npt sit at the front of the car. The front seat is so much prone to any kind of accident and even a little bump can have severe consequences.

So for your woman not to be affected by most of the risk factors associated with driving and using a car as a means of transportation, you need to ensure very well that she does not sit at the front of the car.

2. For concentration

This happens to be another reason why your woman should not sit at the front of the car, you need your full concentration when driving, and for you to be able to focus fully when driving, you need to avoid distractions.

There is a higher possibility that when your woman is sitting together with you at the front of the car, she would want to talk to you, the two of you would engage in several discussions and she might even make remarks about your driving, all of which can act as distractions for you when driving, and could lead to dangerous consequences.

3. For Comfort
This point is very relevant

The comfort of your woman is also your priority, you need to ensure that you pay attention to this. Her comfort is another reason why she shouldn’t sit at the front of the car. The physiological features of ladies are very delicate, the accumulative effect of those small bumps that you get when driving could have a massive effect on their health. So for you to avoid this, allow her to sit at the back, where she can relax and would be comfortable.

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