Warning!! Check This Before Drinking Bottled Or Sachet Water



Hello my dear reader.

We are all aware that water is life and it gives us extra energy to move forward.

Good water is usually colourless, tasteless and also odourless.

Sometimes, we drink water directly from the tap, stream, borehole and in a bottle or sachets from different sources.

As we continue to advocate for the reduction of illness for us to live longer and healthy, the issue of bottled water still remains a significant problem where most people dont read the package before drinking and this is not to our well-being of our environment, but also the quality of our health as well.


A high number of consumers purchase bottled and sachets water or carbonated drinks without reading the expiring, especially when they are in a passenger car and they buy from those selling on the rodside.

All the company producing edible product in a bottle or sachets has their expiring date written on the bottle including pure water.

Please get this straight. Anytime you reach for the bottle of “pure” water, think twice as popular brands may be selling you water which is out of date, without their knowledge.

Although the water itself do not expire but the chemical, the microplastics bottle can harm when the date expires and when taking it can lead to different health complication without knowing it.

Please also note that, the lifespan of bottle water is one year and the sachets water is only two months at the time of manufacture date.

So for your sake of our health anytime you purchase water or drink from bottle or sachets make sure you check the expiring date and do not be in a harry to drink it whout reading on the lable.

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